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a reaaaally nice girl.. :D see you next year ok? xD

Hahaha maybe… just to the people I like tbh xD
Yay see u next year edii unirrrrr (/^▽^)/

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Send me what you think I’m like in real life


It only takes being rejected once for me to never ever ask anyone anything ever again.


@zhoumi_419: After a long time, had a cup of coffee with Yesungie hyung yesterday ㅋㅋ

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This is definitely not ok.

No person deserves to be unloved, no matter how small mistakes we make in the past (fucking over 4yrs ago get over it) and make that as an excuse to hate on someone or be embarrassed of someone.

It is not okay to hate on someone because of their weight. Just because he is always smiling and joking around doesn’t mean he isn’t a human with fucking feelings like you. 

This is truly heartbreaking how people have been treating him like this for years, maybe that is a reason behind his mistakes? because haters like you bash on him before he even made those mistakes?

The hate goes far before he even made those comments, because he is ‘fat’.

If you don’t like him, at least respect him, and don’t say anything, because he fucking deserve the best ‘see you later’ before the army. He contributed so much into this group, I can’t even count how many times.

Without him, it is not Super Junior at all, and don’t you forget that your other oppas in SJ are probably smiling because of him.

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the thing that makes me really mad:

people still hating on shindong about things he said years ago and apologised for, but this week kim hyun joong got away with domestic abuse without so much as a slap on the wrist and I barely see anyone even angry about it

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Mamacita Photoshoot Making Film - Sungmin

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Hello ELF from all over the world, as you can see Super Junior has returned with 7JIB ‘MAMACITA’ after a 2 year hiatus!

It’a time for ELF to break out of hibernation and show the boys how supportive WE STILL ARE.

Our main goal is to reach 1 million views on the ‘MAMACITA’ MV Teaser within 24hrs.

We have already reached 300k+ in 9hrs, so we still have time to prove our boys, that we are still around supporting them across the globe!

This is how YOU can help the boys reach 1 million views on MAMACITA MV Teaser:




-Refresh does NOT work anymore and will NOT count towards the views. Close the video then search for it again. [SO DO NOT REFRESH]

Watch the whole MV TO THE END. YouTube doesn’t count it anymore if you only watch it halfway or 1:00  min.

- Playlist mode does NOT count towards views so don’t put the MV on a repeating loop in playlist.

- Do not comment many times on the video, especially pasting URL links again & again: your comments will automatically be flagged as SPAM by YouTube and no one will be able to read them except you.

DO NOT RESPOND TO HATE COMMENTS- It’s a waste of time, instead use that time to comment good things about Super Junior, and show outsiders that we set a good example as a long running fandom. This gives a better and higher reputation to Super Junior.

-Also do NOT MUTE THE VIDEO [On YouTube Volume turner*] *All though you can turn down the ‘outer’ volume on your electronic.


WATCH IN PRIVATE TABS: here is how to open in incognito mode tabs


Also Let’s trend Super Junior on Twitter to win Music Charts!

For Korean Music Charts:

  • Retweet users* who are using the hashtags correctly, 10 Retweets on one Tweet gives us 10 Points. [*Please do not quote RT them, RT normally]

For Billboard Charts:

For Normal Tweeting:

  • Put any hashtags in (at least once) for example: Sungmin looks great in the teaser! #SUPERJUNIOR
  • It’s best to tweet good and positive things with the hashtags to increase retweets from your followers!

PLEASE TRY NOT USE SAME HASHTAGS IN ONE TWEET, as they are counted as spam by Twitter but it will still be noticed by Music Charts.

It’s better to use one hashtag so we can create worldwide trending for Super Junior!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us!

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@FX_xiaoA: 我跟宋茜姐姐@宋茜-fx—victoria 要去台湾!等一忽儿见

Trans: “Song Qian unnie (Victoria) and I will go to Taiwan! See you in a bit!” Via: Guumftw

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SS2 Seoul, they kidnapped Kangin the sleeping Magic Dragon:


SS2 Kuala Lumpur, they kidnapped Heechul the drunken Magic Dragon:



SS2 Manila, they shot Little(?) Shindong Jackie Paper


SS2 Beijing, they kidnapped Kyuhyun the Singer



The bad guys in Super Junior are really bad guys…


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